Cherishing the Past


Having two decades of experience working with photography, art, and digital imaging technology, Jenn Cohen has now created Facsimile. An integral small business to help you preserve, restore, and make like copies of your precious memories, historical artifacts, and artwork.

An artist with formal training and a Masters in Fine Art from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, Jenn understands the precious and delicate nature of irreplaceable heirlooms, photographs, transparencies, and artwork. She deeply respects and is proficient in all aspects of this work. From the initial communication with you about your needs, to the digitizing, restoring, printing, and archiving processes.

Jenn personally and solely handles each project you submit- assessing and customizing service for your needs. Your items are well cared for in her hands, whether it is an original work or a digital file, and she is especially passionate about communicating directly with you regarding your order from start to finish.

She truly enjoys her work and providing this service.

It is a gift to be able to restore damaged, precious images. It is a gift to bring color and new sense of joy into a black and white photo. It is a gift to create digital files of photographs or film for families or organizations to share online from a distance. It is a gift to print and share new photographs. And the greatest gift is to witness the excitement and emotion that can emerge from customers when their precious items take on new life.


Uploading digital files is welcome, and for some the preferred or only way to submit your restoration, colorizing, or printing order.

Maybe you:
-downloaded a family photo from an online genealogy site
-can scan your photos from home
-can get your photos scanned by a professional local to you

Basic scanning tips:
-Scan 5"x7" (12.7x18cm) and smaller photos at 600 dpi (dots per inch)
-Scan larger photos at 300 dpi
-Scan photos and negatives the size of a postage stamp at 1200+ dpi
-Tif files are great; jpg, pdf, and png acceptable.

It is ideal to work with a nice scan or photo file, however sometimes all one has is a small file and that is okay. Along with your photo files, please share your goals or questions through the form.


Shipping your photographs and transparencies to Jenn at Facsimile is available and recommended in order to obtain high quality scans of your precious items. There is nothing better than allowing her to see your project through from start to finish. To receive an estimate for your order before sending it, please submit an inquiry through the shipping contact form.

Shipping address:
1050 Larrabee Ave
Suite 104 PMB 507
Bellingham, Washington

Shipping tips:
- provide sturdy support to keep your items from getting bent
- temporarily place it in a plastic, sealable bag to prevent moisture damage
- for a large collection that needs cataloguing, sticky notes are great- only on the back of photos temporarily


If you live in Whatcom or Skagit Counties, pickup and drop off services are available to you. To receive an estimate prior to making arrangements, submit a form online with a breakdown of your needs and photo samples of your photos for restoration. Delivery services take place on Tuesdays, for a fee ranging from $12-$20 each way, depending on your location. Currently, due to Covid-19, Jenn will wear a mask when entering your space.

Disclaimer: Neither Jenn nor Facsimile, L.L.C. will be held liable for loss or damage to materials during transportation by any carrier.

  • How it Works


    Submit digital photo files online with any information about your goals for restoration. Or if you plan to ship or arrange pickup of your original photos, negatives, or slides, fill out the form listing your items and quantities, and any notes regarding restoration or colorization needs.

  • How it Works


    Jenn will reply with a detailed estimate for your order, that you can opt into. There are some cases where only a ballpark estimate can be given initially.

  • How it Works


    Before working on your order, Jenn will send a detailed invoice with list of services including price breakdown.

  • How it works


    Once your restoration or colorization order is completed, Jenn will send small samples for viewing and approval. Two rounds of edits are allotted per image. When your order is finished to your satisfaction, you will then receive your final files. If you ordered prints, they will then be printed and shipped off. There is no viewing for digitizing only orders, only receipt of your files.


    Upon receiving your files and prints, you can now share your memories and history across the world with your loved ones.

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“Thank you so much for the restoration work you have carried out on my Photo. The quality of work is unbelievable. Would highly recommend Jenn's service for any photo restoration works and her customer service is outstanding with great advice and guidance. I will definitely use her service again”

“Jenn’s work and service are exceptional! Her experience, professionalism, and artistic eye were obvious as she restored my damaged photos and converted my slides to digital (and even installed them on my iPad). My siblings and I are thrilled with the results. I would recommend Jenn without hesitation, she exceeded my expectations”

"Jenn is amazing at restoring images from the past. She has restored a few photos and even one from my year book and I’m still in awe! Highly recommend her for any of your professional photo restoration needs!"

"I sent my picture in to Jenn to see if she could fix it for me. To my surprise she was able to, and it turned out better than it was before. If you need any of your pictures restored- no matter how old the picture is- Jenn is the person to do it for you. I am really pleased with everything she did and her turnaround time. I will use her service again."