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Create + Share a Digital Archive

Digitization may be a lengthy and awkward word, but it is a simple and streamlined process. Have you wondered what to do with carousels of slides, boxes or albums of photos, or booklets of negatives? It is a tedious task, but there is no time like the present to take a trip down memory lane and take a peek. You are welcome to send a messy box, and you are welcome to send a categorized and labeled assortment.

There is no bulk scanning done here at Facsimile. Each image is handled carefully and scanned on a professional flatbed scanner. No risks of getting the photos caught in a machine, or delicate materials getting torn. And once the digital file has been created, Jenn goes through each one, neatly cropping it, and minimally working on it to give you the best quality, just short of restoration.

Eventually you will receive a tidy catalogue of image files that are easy to print, share through email, or upload online. From start to finish, Jenn handles each item, and assures the outcome of your project is of great quality.
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