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Safely and Lovingly Store Your Heirlooms

Uncertain how to start the meticulous process of organizing and storing your precious irreplaceables? There are more details than one might think that go into conserving and preserving photographs, negatives, slides, tin types, newspapers, and on…

The little paper envelopes you received your developed negatives in 1950 were possibly not acid free. The sticky edge label along your old 110 negatives was not necessarily meant to be there for 4 decades. The photo albums you put your 1980 wedding photos in may have had non archival glue that yellowed and affected the photos inside. One may never guess that something bought or given as a photographic storage method would actually cause harm, but sadly that has often been the case.

Perhaps what brought you to Facsimile is that something has been damaged by improper storage or presentation. Things happen- life, moving, acts of God. No time like the present to find a solution for the longevity of your heirlooms.

Jenn offers bespoke archiving packages with goal-oriented assignments, and the option of ordering materials specific to your items and project, to help you one step at a time.
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