Black and White History, in Color

Colorization gives new life and perspective to photographs. Undoubtedly there is special sentiment that black and white photos hold, and even those photos that have faded to a warm, sepia tone. Black and white photos are always beautiful. And still there can be so much life added through color. It can humanize people and enliven places that once were… that can seem so distant, only existing in grayscale.
Reasons why range. Colorizing can be just for fun and it can be with great purpose. Many people have requested this service to provide a bit of vivid joy to loved ones with a dwindling memory. For the great grandmother with alzheimers whose memories are strongest from her youth in the 1930s, it can be a moving experience to see a newly colorful family photo. A dress of a certain color, individuals hair colors, a car in the driveway… Precious moments in time.
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