Revitalize and Restore Your Photographic History

Just about any photo needing repair can be, whether faded, discolored, scratched, water or fire damaged. It is only a matter of time. This restoration process is done on a digital copy of the original photo. Everything is done by hand- no apps, no purchased filters, no AI- all in photoshop one little speck or stroke at a time, one layer at a time, one face or section at a time. The skillful and subtle way Jenn uses multiple layers and various tools, she digitally recreates the oil painting technique known as “glazing” which is essentially building transparent layers upon the opaque foundation.
Layers upon one another give greater depth and tonality to her restorations. Jenn’s breadth of anatomical and physiological knowledge and classical training in perspective inform her ability to reconstruct people and places using shadow, light, and when needed, integrate new parts into the whole. Different eras and types of photographs have varying textures and historical feel, and her process takes this into consideration and maintains the same feel in the renewed version.
In the end, your precious photographs take on new life... renewed and preserved for generations to come.
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