Where your photographic memories and history find digital life, repair, and reproduction.

Perhaps you’ve a faded or damaged photograph that you’d like to see revitalized and fixed, or you’ve a black and white photo that you would like to see reinvigorated by color. Perhaps you have a collection of old negatives or family photos you’d like to turn into a digital form. And maybe you’d like elegant prints made of these precious items…


The process of scanning and converting to digital form, your negatives, slides, artwork, and photographs. Preserving scanned photo files in a digital catalogue, organized in a fashion that suits your needs.


Our photo restoration services are done digitally. Just about anything can be restored and any damage fixed. Since each photo has its own unique restoration needs, time and estimates vary per image.


The process of adding color to a black and white photo. Reference imagery, color theory, historically relevant color palettes, and background information help intuit a new life for your photo.

Fine Art Printing

Perhaps you’ve had a photograph restored or colorized, or some negatives digitized that never were printed before… You can have new, archival prints made of anything.

Archive Consulting

For years Jenn has helped people in the world of digitizing and photo archiving. Whether organizing digital files or actual photographic material, she is well versed in creating personal and professional archives.